How Many Golf Courses in Pattaya?

There are 25 golf courses in Pattaya and most of them can be reached in less than 60 minutes from the centre of Pattaya.  The golf courses in Pattaya vary in standards and there are 8-10 premium golf courses which are up to international standards and are priced accordingly.  The other courses are mostly in reasonable condition and are often much cheaper.

The prices at the golf courses in Pattaya differ according to the season and the high season, when the weather tends to be hotter, runs from November to March.  The "green" season which brings more rain runs from April to October and the rates are very much cheaper.  Also, during the summer season there are plenty of special "Sports" day offers with offers of 50% or more.  

All the golf club in Pattaya charge higher prices at weekends and on public holidays.

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