Pattaya golf courses

Pattaya is a great place to play golf and there are plenty of golf courses to choose from with green fees ranging from Baht 1,100 to more than Baht 3,500 for the best golf courses in Pattaya.  All golf courses in Pattaya charge higher green fees at weekends and public holidays and you can expect to pay 25-30% more if you wish to play on these days.  On top of the basic price you will also have to pay Baht 350-400 for your caddy and another Baht 700 if you wish to take a cart – also don’t forget to factor in the caddie tip (minimum Baht 400) so that you can calculate the total cost.

Green fees in Pattaya are also seasonal and the high season runs from 1st November through until the end of March – this is when the weather is best in Pattaya with hot & dry days with little rain.  The green or summer season runs from April through October and the green fees are very much lower.  Although you will get rain during these months it is usually in the form of short and sharp showers and it is very rare to get totally rained off.

We offer some very attractively priced multi-round deals so that when you book three or five round green fee packages you can make considerable savings over our regular price.  Another thing to look out for are the so called “Sports Days” which are offered by many golf clubs during the low season – they are usually midweek days and you can make considerable savings by taking advantage of them.

Some of the green fee prices vary depending on what time of day you play – the cheapest green fees are usually later morning or early afternoon.

Green Fees at Best Golf Courses in Pattaya

There are some wonderful golf courses in Pattaya, and you will need at least a week here if you want to play them all.  The Siam Country Club group leads the way with four courses – the iconic Old Course which rates as one of the best golf courses in Thailand is the most expensive and at weekends, they reserve their best tee times for their members.  The Plantation course which is the current venue for the LPGA Honda Classic has 27 holes so it is easier to get on but they operate a 2-tee start during the high season which means that you either need to start before 9 am or after 12 noon.  The Waterside course is often a little cheaper as its less popular than the other two and they are also offering good rates at the brand-new Rolling Hills Course which opened in late 2019.

Laem Chabang International Country Club comers in a little cheaper than the Siam Country Club courses and they also offer a night golf option which is cheaper still.  The latest golf course to emerge in Pattaya is Chee Chan Golf Resort which at the moment is the cheapest premium courses in Pattaya and has already won several awards for its excellence.

Green Fees at other Golf Courses in Pattaya

The green fee prices at other golf courses in Pattaya range for around Baht 1,200 to baht 2,000 and you can enjoy some very inexpensive golf at some excellent golf courses

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